Ruben Gamboa


My transformation saved my life and is is dedicated to everyone and now I’m here to help others do the same for themselves

Before becoming sober I struggled to stay  consistent with working out , maintaining a good eating habit , and overall a  healthy lifestyle.

I invested into myself for the first time through @watson_fit program ! A program that gave me structure,  taught me accountability and discipline.

Before the program I’ve always tried to push myself on my own but I’d lose motivation or always have an excuse not to be consistent . I always dealt with F.O.M.O ( fear of missing out) ,  indulging on the weekends with food , alcohol etc…

I’m 1 year 1/2 months sober as of 01/02/22

I can truly say I’m very proud of myself !

I hope this post inspires motivates or inspires someone to make a change for the better 🙏🏽